Identifying and Educating Gifted Children
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How can we deal with emotional problems of gifted children?  How can we help them?


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As a parent of a gifted child, this was of concern to me particularly in the pre-school years.  My son was hyper-sensitive and showed signs of being emotionally invested in other children's behaviors.  The pre-school was ill-equipped to deal with this and opted to (mis)use Time Out regimens on him, which made him worse.  Hyper-sensitivity in gifted children, particularly young children, takes a great deal of time and effort to work with, mainly on behalf of the parents.  Many educators of small children have little understanding of gifted children, let alone their emotional needs.  I opted to use a two-pronged tactic on my my son:  1) discussing his reactions with him and teaching him to control himself while not denying his abilities to understand others, and 2) enrolling him into Taekwondo - a martial art that teaches strength, discipline and control within a framework that allows for personal emotional growth and creative expression.  This has worked very well for him.
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