Identifying and Educating Gifted Children
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This is the first time in over 10 years of teaching gifted students that I have a class that has 6 high-achievers and 16 gifted students.  A major concern of mine is:
How can I help gifted students understand themselves and their special needs?

I don't want to bring up these topics or have them discuss them with the whole class.  Is that realistic?  Should I do small groups? (I am leaning toward small groups)

The high-achieving students have emotional needs that also need to be addressed. 

Any suggestions from parents and teachers who have "been there, done that"?????


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Have you tried giving them an interest inventory?   UCONN (Joe Renzuli) is a great site for resources in this area.  Kids love to know what their strengths are, as well as their weaknesses.  Bright kids can be very understanding and accepting of one another's differences.

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