Identifying and Educating Gifted Children
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My grandson, Christian, is attending the neighborhood public high school and they have been, to the best of  my knowledge, a model for integrating gifted students in the school.  Christian went from 7th grade right into college and has done well there.  We felt there were some gaps in his education that would make it difficult for him to succeed in some college classes.  So, we went to the high school and asked if Christian could be enrolled and take only the courses we wanted him to take.  After a bit of bureaucratic ridiculousness, he was admitted.  The guidance personnel meet once a month to review how he's doing and speak with his mom and tweak things if needed.    All this came about because the principal, Mrs. Haldeman, had an open mind,  Christian will take some summer college courses and may or may not be in high school next year, who knows?  In the meantime, if anyone is interested in learning how the school actually did integrate a profoundly gifted student, Mrs. Haldeman, Principal, Glassboro High School, Glassboro, NJ



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I am glad to hear of a successful integration program for Christian. I am working on this same scenario in Arizona. By law, any student can attend any, and any number, of schools. Their previous schooling must be accepted, with leeway for attributing the courses to core or electives. We have been blocked by the schools and districts from this avenue, but remedy is in the works.

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